Turning the Dream Into a Reality

All across the various social media platforms and even Google Images, when you search "tiny homes" or one of the many search terms for tiny homes, you will come across images of tiny homes that are either sitting comfortably in an enchanted forest or sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking an amazing view. Sure these images are appealing, and they may even give us the sense that we literally can take these Mini Homes ANYWHERE. But when it comes down to it, is this reality? 

It is certainly a nice idea to take a Mini Home to an enchanted forest, not work, and just live life off-grid, but the fact of reality is that this form of Mini Home lifestyle is simply just a dream. I'm not saying that you can't do this, because you certainly can. Where I'm getting at is there is an actual existing Mini Home lifestyle that can be attained. And it can SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY. 

There are many jurisdictions and laws that prohibit the use of livable Mini Homes that vary by county (for now). However, there is a very wide movement that has reached county officials on making these Mini Homes allowable. The main issue that is catching these county official's attention is the very high demand for affordable housing. So if these aren't fully allowable yet, what can you do with one if you were to buy it? Keep reading....

Many RV and Mobile Home Parks will allow Mini Homes on wheels. They offer monthly space rentals and your Mini Home can connect to the utility hook-ups. This is the same for tiny home communities that are starting to grow rapidly. Destination Minis will soon be affiliated with various RV parks that will allow OUR Mini Homes. Until then, give any RV park a call and ask if they allow tiny houses on wheels.