Tiny Houses - Not Just For Living

Tiny houses on wheels are growing more and more popular as time goes on. We see them all over the internet and all over the television. People are de-cluttering their possessions and are living minimalistic lifestyles. The reasons: Saving money, reducing carbon footprint, being able to travel more, and not being tied to a long term mortgage. The problem with all of the advertising that we see is that tiny houses on wheels are being marketed as alternatives to full time living. While this can be done, tiny houses on wheels should not be limited to just full time living.

Here are some other uses for tiny houses on wheels other than just full time living:

  • You have some friends or relatives that will be in town for the holidays
  • You are planning where and what your next vacation will be
  • You are seeking to expand your business horizons and be more accessible to new customers
  • Your company will be participating in an event that draws large crowds
  • You want a mancave so you and the boys can watch the big game
  • You are planning a development with the initiative to provide housing for people in need

The options are endless and the opportunity tiny houses on wheels can provide are astronomical. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!