Where Can I Put a Tiny House on Wheels?

Placement of a tiny house on wheels ultimately depends on the local county's jurisdictions. We recommend that you check with the ordinances and abide by those laws. Our tiny houses are classified as RV's, so there are rules about living in an RV. These rules vary widely by county.

If properly zoned, tiny houses on wheels can be placed on a property and connected to utility connections. The same connections that RV's have. A perfect example of a place that has these connections and is properly zoned: RV and Mobile Home Parks. There are many RV parks that allow tiny houses on wheels and they offer monthly space rentals which may or may not include price of utilities.

In some cases of a natural disaster in which homes we destroyed, laws have allowed placement of tiny houses to be placed on the owner's property until reconstruction is finished. Tiny Houses on wheels provide a great alternative and can bring many neighbors and communities back together.