Why Not Just Get An RV?

There are many differences between RV's and tiny houses on wheels. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference!

When you go to an RV dealership, typically what you see is what you get. Upgrades for RV's can be very expensive and there aren't many upgrades to choose from either. Tiny Houses on wheels can be built and customized for the purposes of the owner. Things like making the kitchen larger, building stairs instead of a ladder for loft access, or adding in home appliances can all be done and given in a quote to you during our Planning & Building Consultation. 

RV's are also made out of fiberglass that wear away over time which could mean that expensive shop visits to get your RV fixed are inevitable. On the other hand, tiny houses on wheels are built with high quality, durable materials that are meant to withstand any outdoor extremities that can last multiple generations.

If something were to go wrong with your RV, you will be looking at expensive shop rates due to the "RV specialist" that will be fixing the RV. If something were to go wrong with your tiny house, generally any handyman or repair man can fix the issues.

The insulation that is used in RV's is very thin which could be troublesome for outside noise and temperature control. Each RV has their own classification of insulation which is rated on an R-value that determines the overall thickness and quality. Since it is their own insulation that they use, the markup for insulation is not known to the public therefore the manufactures can markup their insulation at whatever they want! For tiny houses on wheels, the insulation that is put in is the same stuff that is in most modern building structures. Insulation is necessary for all living conditions, and we feel that something that is required should not be capitalized on!