The Current Tiny House Market: Who are they?

The tiny house market is indeed a very niche market. There are many laws and restrictions, varying in all different counties, that do not allow full time living in a tiny house on wheels. The concept of taking a tiny house on wheels anywhere is true, but it has to be done properly. 

So how does someone live in one properly?

Tiny houses on wheels are considered RV's or trailers to the DMV. Therefore, RV parks are the only area that is properly zoned for tiny houses on wheels. There are many RV parks that offer low-priced monthly space rentals with access to utility connections. 

So you're telling me that if I want to live in one full time, it has to be done at an RV park?

Not necessarily. If someone wanted to jump through the loop holes with risks of getting penalized, then by all means they can try whatever method works best for them. But the method with the most lenient regulations are at an RV park.

So how do I go about renting a space at an RV park?

Simply just locate an RV park in a preferred location that suits where you'll be most comfortable and give that RV park a phone call to see if they allow tiny houses on wheels. If they do allow them: Great! Get their rates and terms. If not: Maybe the next RV park on the list will allow them. 

So who exactly is this niche market for?

As for right now and until laws allow tiny houses on wheels, the market is simply the most friendly to people who are comfortable living in an RV park and are able to afford the upfront costs of a tiny house on wheels. These people have it in their minds that their Home will be paid off in just a short amount of time. This is compared to residential houses with 30 year mortgages.