Destination Minis Buy-Back Guarantee

This program has been designed to serve the needs of those buyers that require temporary housing as opposed to a permanent residence. Check out how this program can accommodate your temporary housing needs for a fraction of the cost of conventional rentals or hotels. Please contact us for further details.


Each sale that qualifies for this program will receive a “Buy-Back Schedule” printout. This document will list the guaranteed buy-back amount at any interval between 1 and 36 months after the initial sale.

  • Buy-backs may be considered after 36 months, however, it is not guaranteed. Also, the buy-back amount will be calculated on a case by case basis at the time of the request.

  • Buy-back amounts are based upon normal wear and tear of the house over the course

    of its usage. Excessive wear and tear and/or damage may require a reduction in the

    buy-back amount offered.

  • Although the buy-back is guaranteed, the owner is under no obligation to sell the unit

    back to Destination Minis. The owner may choose to either keep the home or sell it on their own. This program is simply meant to be a “safety net” for the buyer that does not want to be stuck with this home after they are finished using it.

  • This offer may be cancelled at any time; however, all buy-back commitments issued will be honored.

  • This offer may be limited in number. Destination Minis may choose to offer a limited number of guarantees per month and/or a certain maximum number of guarantees total.

  • This offer requires that the buyer execute a formal purchase of the home. Title and possession will be in the buyers name and the buyer will be the full and complete owner of the home. The buyer may complete the purchase in cash or by financing all or part of the purchase. There is no guarantee made by Destination Minis that a buyer can obtain financing. If the purchase is financed and the balance of the loan is higher than the buy- back guarantee amount, it will be the owner’s responsibility to reduce the principal balance to (or below) the buy-back guarantee amount prior to Destination Minis executing the buy-back. If the owner cannot do so, the buy-back offer will not be withdrawn as Destination Minis can only buy back a home that is unencumbered.