How much does a Mini Home by Destination Minis cost?

All of our Mini Homes are custom built to our customers specifications. Click here to get pricing information.

Where can I put a Mini Home?

Check with local jurisdictions as regulations vary by county. Tiny Houses are classified as trailer RV's, and there may be rules in your county about living full time in an RV or tiny house.

However, many RV Parks allow tiny houses on wheels to stay as long term campers. If you have a desired location, let us know and we will find an RV Park in that area for you.

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow my Mini Home?

This depends on the weight of the tiny home. Typically any half-ton pick-up truck can tow a Mini Home... If your truck has a tow package, that is a plus. Otherwise, refer to your vehicle's towing capacity.

We recommend using Uship.com as a resource to hire 3rd party transporters. They are fully licensed and insured to tow just about anything. You select the lowest price too!

Does Destination Minis offer financing?

We are partnered with a lender that offers great financing for tiny houses on wheels. Contact us to get more information.

Does Destination Minis do custom builds?

All of the tiny houses we build are built according to our customer's specifications. We work with your wants, needs, ideas, and we may offer suggestions as well.

How about Utilities?

Our Mini Homes will be able to connect to any utility hook up source. Utility options for living off grid can be outsourced.

Does Destination Minis deliver tiny homes?

We can deliver anywhere in the USA and charge a rate of $3.00/mile. Transportation gigs can be setup at Uship.com.

Can I Insure my Mini Home?

Yes, there are insurance compsnies that insure tiny houses. See our Insurance page for more information on our insurance affiliates.

Is Destination Minis certified?

Destination Minis is certified through NOAH - National Organization of Alternative Housing. All of our Mini Homes are inspected throughout construction to ensure that they adhere to all necessary safety codes. Many RV parks, campgrounds and mobile home parks accept NOAH certified tiny homes.

See NOAH's website for more information.

How much does a Destination Minis Mini Homes weigh?

The weight of our Mini Homes vary and depend on determinants such as size, building materials, appliances, etc., as well as your personal belongings. This could fall under the range of 7,500 - 14,000lbs.

If I purchase a Mini Home, does it come with any warranties?

All of the appliances will have the manufacturers warranty. The Mini Home itself will have a Destination Minis 1-year warranty. If anything goes wrong due to our craftsmanship, we will fix it.

I'm ready to purchase a Mini Home! what do I do?

Conact us to get started!

How long does it take to build a Mini Home?

Typically our Mini Homes take 4-7 weeks to build, once initial building materials arrive to our shop.


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