There are various factors that influence the overall price of a tiny house on wheels:

  • Size of the Mini Home, 12’ - 30’ in length.

  • Features inside the Mini Home.

  • Appliances and Utility connections.

  • Labor hours of 4-7 weeks of build time.

  • Shipping

  • DMV registration and taxes

Here are some starting prices for a few sizes of our Mini Homes:

  • 16’ - $40,595

  • 20’ - $46,460

  • 24’ - $52,785

  • 30’ - $60,800

Why do these prices seem high?

The truth is, these prices are low compared to other tiny house builders. Here is a glimpse into the costs that are associated with building a tiny house on wheels:

Flatbed trailer





Lumber, siding, etc.

Weather-proof wrap






Shower / bath tub








Business overhead


Why do i hear or read about tiny houses that cost half the price?

Ever notice how everything in the media is published to sound great and too good to be true? In regards to tiny houses on wheels, that is exactly what is happening.

You might hear or read how someone built a magnificent tiny house on wheels for around $20,000. They get away with saying this because they do not factor in their own labor time or even how long it took them to build their tiny house.

Sure all of the materials and components may equate to $20,000, but they are not paying themselves for their own labor time. This also does not include quality and safety inspections, covered shop space, or even a timeline for completion.

Why is the price per square foot of a tiny house on wheels much higher than a traditional house, when they are a fraction of the size?

The price per square foot of a tiny house on wheels should be viewed much, much differently than a traditional house. Here is why:

  • A traditional house at 2,600 square feet always has a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

  • A tiny house on wheels at 260 square feet has all of the same features, just in a smaller layout.

  • The kitchen alone in a traditional house may be around $300 per square foot due to the costs of plumbing, electrical, cabinets, fixtures, countertops, and appliances.

  • The kitchen in a tiny house on wheels requires the same infrastructure that is in a traditional house. The price per square foot of a kitchen has nothing to do with the overall square footage of the home.

Adding floor space is merely inexpensive. As the overall size increases, the price per square foot decreases. When additional loft space is built into the tiny house, this drastically decreases the pricer per square foot due to maximizing the available space.

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